You Can’t Handle The Trot

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My favorite Alvin story bears retelling.

We were at Midsummer back in 2013 [Show Report]. I was still in Academy Walk-Trot. First and second place riders from the regular classes rode in the championship. Since Alvin & I won the first class, I had the opportunity to hot dog in the second class. I was feeling full of myself.

Picture us at the ingate. Alvin calmly waiting to start. Me bouncing about excitedly.

Me: Let’s go! Let’s do this thing! Rock and roll! Saddlebred sizzle time! Show ’em what you got!

Alvin: No. If I gave you what I got, you couldn’t ride it. I’ll give you what you are ready for.

Me, meekly: Okay, sir. Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

2013 Sandra Hall Photography

“For this (the championship) victory pass, I remembered to stay upright when Alvin kicked it into gear. I was rewarded with a few steps of real Saddlebred motion. His shoulder lifted about six feet in the air, the whole front of the horse got light & fluffy, and suddenly I had this contained explosion going on in front of me. It felt as if he was on two wheels, but in a good way. Wheeee-ha.” [Show Report]

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