Arguing With The Voice Of Reason

Combined Driving


Last year, Husband drove at the Middle Tennessee Carriage Club Schooling Driving Trial [Show Report]. This year, we volunteered.

Me: It’s such a loooooong drive.
Voice of Reason: You had a nice ride and good company.

Me: We had to get up soooooo early.
VoR: Nap in the truck.

Me: We were the cones division.
VoR: The course was set up when you got there. You didn’t have to take it down. You had to place the marker balls on the cones. That was it for set up.

Me: We had to measure and change cones and time and judge and … and …
VoR: You had help.

Me: We had to make microscopic adjustments to each set of cones for (almost) every driver.
VoR: It was 8 entries.

Me: It was hot.
VoR: They fed you.

Me: We had one entire obstacle to do all by ourselves
VoR: Think of it as cross-country with wheels.

Me: Our knowledge of marathon judging is largely theoretical.
VoR: Schooling shows are for training volunteers as well as competitors

Me: I don’t like being in charge. I don’t like the responsibility.
VoR: To quote Dr. Hofstadter, “Well, you should work on that.”

Me: I only have a moderate interest in driving to start with. When Husband isn’t driving, my interest drops quickly.
VoR: So you spend the day helping other folks realize their dreams. This is a problem?

Me: It’s a lot of work.
VoR: People did it for you last year.

Me: Bitch. Whine. Moan.
VoR: Suck it up, Buttercup.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. Thank you. You write so well. I always look forward to your post, especially lately. Your new tone is very attractive.

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