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Alvin Goes To School

Saddle Seat Wednesday

Last week, Alvin went to a local elementary school as the living demo for Pioneer Days. He was, naturally, a star.


He never swished his tail, nor stamped a hoof, nor did a thousand other normal horse things that would have endangered little toes and fingers. By mid-afternoon, he was over it. We all were. We saw 9 classes? 10? I’m not sure. I lost count. He began making dramatic air snaps at my hands and chewing on my belt, shirt, whatever he could reach. He wasn’t going to bite me, but a stinging nip was not out of the question. Yet, he remained an angel with the kids. It was as if he knew that I was a safe target for his fidgets.

Have I mentioned what a superstar this horse is [After the Party, Awards:Hall of Fame Induction]? AND he wins in the show ring.


Alvin mugs me for a treat.

Alvin mugs me for a treat.

Miss Courtney feeds Alvin a well-deserved peppermint at the end of the day.

Miss Courtney feeds Alvin a well-deserved peppermint at the end of the day.

School day photos by Courtney Huguley & Katherine Walcott.

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Katherine Walcott

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  1. Alvin seems like a pretty amazing horse. Don’t know how mine would have responded.

  2. Elizabeth Hickman said:

    Yay Team Alvin!!! How fun for the children to see a nice, kind horse – I am sure that was a thrill for them – that would have made my day at school!

  3. From FB: “He was such a doll! As were you!!! CH
    Aww, I blush.

    But seriously folks, ASBs are such social horses. Even the cranky ones want to be loved on.

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