After the Party

(For those who don’t know me IRL. I don’t have kids. I never wanted kids. I get nervous in the presence of kids.)



A birthday party at the barn …
twitch, twitch
… for a 7 year old …
twitch, twitch
… and 35 of her closest friends.
twitch, twitch
I narrowly escaped the pony rides.
whole-body twitch in sympathy
Instead, I groomed. Five kids per horse. Poke Alvin [Greetings] and Miss Lace [Queen] with brushes. Switch horses. Bring in next group.
twitch, twitch
Alvin stood like the champ he is.

Alvin’s response to the first group: Why am I surrounded by little ones?
Alvin’s response to the second group: Little ones come bearing sugar cubes!
Alvin’s response to the third group: Sug! Ar! Cubes! Sug! Ar! Cubes!

All without moving. His owner, Miss Julie [Show Report], was at the front talking to the kids and helping them feed him from their treat bags. I was at at the opposite end of the horse, telling Alvin how wonderful he was, and keeping the smalls from getting stomped.
twitch, twitch, twitch

At least I got a blog post out of it.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott


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