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Awareness of the outside world. Raw Story: US state of Maryland retires pro-Confederacy state song, Agence France-Precise May 19, 2021.

Bell boots. Because we are running out of places to put things on these horses.

First day. Got a few steps of fancy trot and a canter I could sit. Sold!

Rodney doesn’t seem to mind them flapping about. After all, his booties flap and clunk, and he loves those. Seriously, he will lick and chew when I put them on.

Booties for turnout. Leg boots for riding. Special padding for his saddle. A maintenance program for stomach issues. Now bell boots. Yes, there are times when I feel as if my horse is made out of tissue paper. He’s big for a Thoroughbred. I guess when you are outsized to design specs, you have to expect some structural issues. Although, in his defense, back, tum, and neck – from counterbalancing – problems are rooted in foalhood trauma. Mechanical issues with legs and hooves are the parts of the symphony that come from being a 17-hand horse on TB feet.

The bad news – or possibly the good news – on that first day, we did a line of trot poles and he just about trotted me out of the tack.

Shipping bell boots for the moment. Looking into sport bells.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. I am soo glad they finally got rid of the Maryland state song! Anyone who looked at all the lyrics could see how offensive it was. I was actually thinking of writing to Gov. Hogan and asking him to do this. Now, to find a new state song.

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