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Awareness of the outside world. Got pulled out of my comfort zone with a vengeance. Calendar exploded. Have had activities that require in-personal socialization every day this week. Two today. Some good; some less good. That’s a lot for me even in the before times. Now, exhausting. How is everyone else doing?

For visual interest, unrelated scenery from yesterday’s walk. Odenville City Park.

… and now back to our regularly scheduled programming …

Things we don’t do at home and then expect our horses to cope with at shows.

+ Waiting around forever

+ Warming up and then standing by the ingate before performing

+ Riding multiple times in a day

Which is by way of saying we did two-a-days last week. Not for any sound theoretical reason. We backed into it.

Ride in the am to avoid the worst of the bugs. Mostly laps & trot sets. [Summer Hours]

Quick session of ring work in the evening to take advantage of dry grass, i.e. non-dewy, non-skid footing.

We’ll see if it continues.

While we are on the subject, other things we do at shows but don’t practice at home.

+ Braids for horse

+ Fancy show clothes for rider

+ Eating for **** out of a cooler

No wonder we are all exhausted after a show.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

7 thoughts on “Things We Don’t Practice

  1. Being with people is very hard. I fear being inappropriate but long for human contact. The digital visits were so easy. Limited. Scheduled. No dress code. But IRL, they are exhausting. While I think I’d like to be out and about more, I really prefer to stay at home.
    Strange, I’m usually a social animal.

  2. Being with people is always hard for me. Bi-polar and other stuff. Did a blog on it. As much as i detest this place, it is home for now, and prefer it to going out.

  3. Some of the activities, such as dance class, had a formal structure that one could rely on/hide behind. Only one was a straight up social engagement, among strangers no less!

  4. Is it weird that I practice many of these things at home? Plus trotting in hand, fake vet checks, taking electrolytes, tying to random objects, hanging out tacked up forever… etc. etc.

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