Brushes For Horses


Awareness of the outside world. ‘Tis the season. Maybe I’ll finally remember the difference. Metaphor appears to have originated with a man named Gary Lezak. TVSpy: Kansas City Meteorologist Uses Tacos to Explain Tornado Alerts, Eck, Apr. 28, 2021. Assist to Premium Internet Curation and the friend who reposted from there.


A baker’s dozen of used curry combs, in various stages of worn. These are all the old curry combs that turned up during the le grande clean out. [Out With The Old]

They are heading off to become school horse brushes. They will get left out, stomped on, lost, and turned into mulch.

Some are still stained. They were soaked twice in soap, once in bleach. The last step may have killed the rubber on a few.

Some are worn. Better than nothing?

Some aren’t even all that worn. They are being rehomed because I am selective about my grooming supplies.

A) I like a small, palm-sized, rubber curry with the traditional concentric circles of teeth. You can see three old ones in the top right of the photo. I go thru them because …

B) I like new. With pointy teeth. That can actually dig up hair and dirt and scruff when you apply sufficient elbow grease.

What’s in your grooming box?

Stay safe. Stay sane.

3 thoughts on “Brushes For Horses

  1. Taco watch v. warning is brilliant- thanks for sharing!! Also, I agree with you re style of curry- I do use a 30-year old one though… it’s had about a 15 year rest-but the small round rubber ones are best!! Well done for cleaning & donating!!! Happy 4th!

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