Achievement Unlocked, Cross-Country Schooling

Riding Journal

Awareness of the outside world. Miami. For those who were in the building. For those who are looking. For those who are waiting. ❤️.

Space for mental recalibration.


Rodney & I jumped!

A cross-country fence!

On purpose!


Last weekend, we went over to Full Circle Horse Park specifically to school cross-country. However low it would prove to be, it was time to lay down a baseline. Milton & husband came along as escort. No jumping, but Milton walked and trotted out in the XC field.

Rodney & I walked over a handful of low fences. [Looking Forward]

We trotted over the lowest of the low.

At the end, I aimed him at a tiny wooden box that was juuuuust big enough that I knew he would actually jump rather than trotting-pole over it. [Probably the last one, sans flags or hedgehog.]

Which he did.

As neatly as you please.

And stopped quietly on the far side.

Well, then.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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