Looking Forward, Aspirational XC

The Amoeba, i.e. lowest, level course from the show last weekend at Full Circle Horse Park [Show Report] . If I were a goal-setting sort of person, this would be our goal for November [This Is Why I Don’t Set Goals sidenote, just under 6 months later, we jumped the stadium course in the photo. Go us! Eventually!].

Yes, the jumps are small, wee even. Remember, the last time I asked Milton to trot around an open field, he had a hissy fit [Two Hops Forward, One Step Back] Height is not the issue.

Previous FCHP cross-country schools. We have walk or trotted over half to three-quarters of these.
[Dynamic Duo Does Dinky Jumps, XC Schooling, Full Circle Horse Park, March 2019]
[Mr. Excitement Regards His Future 2018]
[Outing Report: Full Circle Farm 2017 Fall Schooling Show]

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3 thoughts on “Looking Forward, Aspirational XC

  1. I love the Amoeba level! I would have never started showing again if it weren’t for these lower levels.

  2. I’m sure the purists are appalled, but these intro levels seem to be hugely popular. I personally don’t have trails or jumps at my disposal. I can’t school everything and then start at Novice.

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