Mr. Excitement Regards His Future

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We took Milton to Full Circle Horse Park to walk over the teeny, tiny Amoeba-level jumps. Despite my snarky title and the half-mast ears in the photo, Milton’s attitude was the perfect combination of stepping quietly over the little logs and marching happily around the field.

He paused in front of one jump, as if to consider whether he could indeed step over. As I sat there considering my next move, he decided that Yes, he could and over we went.

We trotted about the countryside, we trotted away from a few fences, but did not trot AT any jumps. I didn’t want him to get overexcited and land in a rampage. He’s done that on the lunge line.

He spooked once. At the platform where the dressage judge sits. After which, he crawled around the dressage ring at a snail’s pace.

Likes XC. Hates dressage. Looking more and more like an event horse.

My first time on cross-country in … I don’t know … how long ago did they stop having penalty zones? My first time on cross-country with Milton. Our first time passing through red/white flags together. Our first time standing in a start box.

Baby steps.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

5 thoughts on “Mr. Excitement Regards His Future

  1. May I offer a tiny, heartfelt Wow! Full Circle (see website) sounds like a dream come true. You, Milton and your support staff are in my prayers.

  2. CONGRATS!! That photo makes me just want to go right at it (walk, trot, whatever). Go the speed that you’re comfortable with and don’t worry about anything else. He can do this, you can do this… and you’ll be riding that high after XC before you know it.

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