Little Walking, Little Walks

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. Equal time for TdF beefcake. I like how the style changes along with the color. The dude presenting the yellow jersey is wearing yellow suspenders and a bow tie. Yesterday, end of stage 12. [The Restart]


Odenville City Park

Little Walking Lately

1) More riding. Yay!

Less walking. Boo!

2) Resting seems to have addressed the aches in my knees & left hip. I find myself uninterested in reviving them. My joints are not amused by slipping in mud. So, I don’t walk the pasture in bad footing. In my defense, the mud around here is super slick. A few drops of rain and you are skating through slop.

Conversely, I am not amused by driving somewhere to walk. It’s not a green practice and it’s silly to spend more time on the drive than on the walk.

Net-net, less walking. Weekly 5Ks not happening.

Little Walks Lately

1) Rainy Day Trio
Drove around checking out parks for future walks.

McCallum Park (Bham Wiki). Was here before for photo backgrounds. [Low Key Photo Challenge: Toys, M is for MEPSA]

Georgetown Lake Park. Came here a while back for a Spotted photo shoot that did not make it into the blog. Update [Wandering Around The Water, Walk Report, Baltimore Running Festival Virtual 5K]

Loch Haven Park, aka Hoover Dog Park. Rain let up, so I took a get-acquainted lap. Coming home from dance class, so didn’t feel the need to walk an entire mile. Logged for the virtual Mississippi River project. [Biking and Walking Virtually, June 10] Update [Walking Goes To The Dogs, Walk Report, Virtual Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K, 2021]

2) Stopping On The Way
When I’m out, I look for places to do my daily mile.

Odenville City Park (Ency of AL). Stopped here on the way home from a social (!) engagement. Logged for the virtual Mississippi River project. [Practice photo, Biking and Walking Virtually, June 30]

I’ve said it before. I continue to be amazed at the number of tiny parks tucked into civic spaces.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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