Referral Saturday, Dressage Blogs


Awareness of the outside world. Kristian Beverly: National Museum Of African American History And Culture: Level One. Thoughtful tour. I assume more will be forthcoming.

I haven’t been out & about much. Others have. Here are three dressage riders that I have been stalking following.

Cob Jockey: Dressage with a Welsh Cob
Connor is adorable. 2nd level.


contact: a dressage rider’s journey & her unsolicited thoughts and opinions
A normal human riding Intermediaire. Rode saddle seat in another life, Among Us: The Imposter.

I read their blogs. I have linked to them previously. We reach, at least digitally. Would we get along IRL? Would it be a disaster? Do bloggers have writing selves that differ from their three-dimensional selves? Dunno. I can’t tell from blogs by people I know. When I read their posts, I picture their faces and hear their voices in my head. Haven’t had enough blogger meetups to judge in the other direction. [An Exercise in Green KB, Odd & Ends CJ, A Dash of Hollandaise In The Cupcake c]

@zimerin, Instagram
Amish Warmblood, PSG Intermediaire.
Author of the hysterically relevant Instagram account, @dressagequeen_of_memes. Halt, Salute, Mayhem.

Process note. Header photos from target sites. I would posit as fair use in the spirit of book cover images.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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