An Exercise in Green

Celebrating Art

Awareness of the outside world. “My existence is not a difference of opinions.” Being Black in the horse world & the model horse world. Kristian Beverly: All Parts Of Me. Also, check out Kristian’s mural, About. From here, I believe, Cupboard Maker Books. Mural, bookstore cats, Novik in the display pile. Wanna gooooooo there, she whines. But I digress.

BreyerFest Blog: BreyerFest Coloring Page!

Hard to see, borders of the insets are Breyer yellow to match the logo.

Full-scale original available as a downloadable/printable PDF, here.

Process Notes. GIMP. Seeing what I could do with a single color. Pleased with the plaid background. It involved multiple layers and brute force, but looks nice.

Model Horses [archives]
Coloring Pages [archives]

Stay safe. Stay sane,
Katherine Walcott

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