Magic Is Real, Now What? Fiction Micro Fragments



Micro Fragment I
I hate magic.

Breaking news. Magic is real. Every urban fantasy novel you’ve ever read has come to life.

So what?

As far as I can tell, magic is simply another way for people to be terrible to each other. Someone kills you with a gun or someone kills you with a spell. You’re just as dead.

And I have to figure out who did it.

I hate magic.

Micro Fragment II
I hate magic.

Magic is gender-blind.

Magic comes randomly regardless of class.

Magic doesn’t see color.


Okay, magic TALENT is all of those things. How does that play out in the real world? Let’s see.

Who has the time to devote to study?

Who has the money for good materials?

Who has the ability to concentrate because they get three square meals a day?

Who gets the job offers?

Who is told they aren’t good at “that kind” of magic?

Magic is just another way for the rich to get richer.

I hate magic.

Micro Fragment III
I hate magic.

Magic is hard.

There’s tonal magic. You have to practice for hours each day to deliver smooth and nuanced spells.

There’s chemical magic. You have to memorize the characteristics of each spell so you don’t blow yourself up.

There’s mathematical magic. You start with the premise that the square root of negative one is real, and then it gets weird from there.

There’s engineering magic. You have to understand how much stress each spell can take before collapsing in heap.

Where’s the fingersnapping? Where’s the ‘Alakazam!’?

Magic is work.

I hate magic.

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