Cat Calligram


Awareness of the outside world. Amazing ‘Everyone Is Awesome’ construction video on Instagram, “The minifigures decided to build the set themselves.” @josvu22, July 1, 2021. While we are on the subject of the little plastic bricks, The Biophysicist: Designing a High-Resolution, LEGO-Based Microscope for an Educational Setting. Voss, Blesa, Betz. June 22 2021.

Definition. “A design in which the letters of a word (such as a name) are rearranged so as to form a decorative pattern or figure (as for a seal).” Merriam-Webster: calligram

Examples of multi-word images. Wiki: Calligram

Rigorous calligrams. Worth clicking over for. “The challenge is to visualize the meaning of a word, using only the graphic elements of the letters forming the word, without adding any outside parts.” Ji Lee: Words As Image.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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