The Joys of Nature, Snake Shit


Awareness of the outside world. Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show starts today. Stepping Stone Farm has enough rides that I sprung for the whole week of Richfield Video livestream this year. As for the charity part of the title, JLL: Current Funded Agencies. [Happenings at the Horse Park, In Which I Live Virtually and Vicariously, Meanwhile, Elsewhere in KHP, 2020]
Do snakes poop?

I mean, of course they do. Food goes in one end. Waste has to come out the other end.

I just never thought about. Whenever I had the occasion to clean a snake habitat, it was a matter of dump all bedding and refill. I didn’t give much thought to the individual bowel movements.

Until I walked into the barn and saw this.

Scatologically explicit photos after the jump. [Photos]

Rodney’s booties were sitting on a stool under a rafter. One of them was covered in … what is that?!

Because of the white splatter, my first thought was bird. But a bird that big would not fit in the rafter area above the booties. OTOH, we do have some pretty big snakes. [Exterminator In The House]

White shmutz was all over the bootie & stool. More substantial squishy-looking brown material was inside the boot.

That’s a lotta poop.

Clean up was a snap. The material in question was still damp, so it rinsed off easily.

Barn life. Gotta love it.

UCL: How do snakes poop? Lund 2016

Stay safe. Stay sane.

3 thoughts on “The Joys of Nature, Snake Shit

  1. What kind of snake? I’m not as big a snake fan as you are. Yes, I know they do good things but…

  2. Most of the snakes I’ve seen as in the boa family. AFAIK

    Would not have been happy to have that mess on my person. Carnivore poop is so much worse than the herbivore version.

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