Same Same, Good Good

Riding Journal

Awareness of the outside world. File this under, I had no idea. “Neighborhoods with a majority of people in poverty have 25% less tree canopy on average than those with a minority of people in poverty, according to our Tree Equity Score … The average temperature can vary up to 10 degrees between places with trees and those without.” American Forest Instagram, side-by-side comparisons in six cities. Makes sense. As a society, we have decided that space & trees = nice. Therefore, space & trees = expensive. More info, AF: Tree Equity In America’s Cities.

Checking in to say both horses are chugging along.

We’ve been riding most days – weather and appointments permitting.

Progress on a personal scale ; unremarkable on a grand scale.

Went for a walk around the pasture. Some trotting. Worked on increasing duration for Virtual Tevis. Went over to X. Worked in ring.

That’s nice.

Actually, it is nice.

It is not narratively gripping.

Like travel slides. Fun for the traveler. Not so fun for the audience.

And so, I post about more inherently interesting, out-of-the-ordinary events, such as shows and clinics and new purchases and visits to other barns and random moments of barn life. Meanwhile, horses are trundling along.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. Progress is definitely nice. We don’t need gripping. Happy that things are moving along well

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