Wandering Around The Water, Walk Report, Baltimore Running Festival Virtual 5K

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. Axios: Puerto Rico leads U.S. COVID vaccination rates, Reyes, Oct 19, 2021.

The Virtual Walk
Baltimore Running Festival
Date, IRL – some earlier point
Date, Me – Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Georgetown Lake Park
Distance – 5 kilometers
Time – 1 hour 12 minutes
Results – who knows

The dates for the virtual walk coincided with a rainy week. The only clear day was the Friday before my inaugural trip to Hunterland. Did not want to be stiff and stove-up for that. [First Lesson, Once Again]

The race was of the ‘Here’s your loot, enjoy’ variety. I didn’t need to be tracked or to register a result. So I picked a park with a patch of water to walk around and headed out.

The IRL Walk

Struggle bus. Way harder than it should have been. At 2 kilometers, I was thinking that maybe it has been a while since I did a 5K. Nope. The month before I did two in one weekend, without undue strain. I guess today wasn’t my day. At 3.5 kilometers, I started to smell the barn. I never doubted that I would finish, just more effort than I was expecting.

Also, not a new park. I had been there before but not since the park project began. Pretty enough but no novelty.

View over the lake to the wooden walkway & shaded section on the far side.

After 4 kilometers, my feet loved the soft matting of the playground. You can see the cluster of small circles at the bottom of the route map.

The IRL Walk That Wasn’t

The Baltimore IRL 5K takes places around the Inner Harbor. Where could I walk? How could I be thematically appropriate?

Did you know that a town in Alabama has a working harbor on the Tennessee River? I did not.

The harbor is being developed as a retail destination. Shades of the Inner Harbor.

The 3.66 mile Sunset Drive Trail starts near the harbor and runs along the lakefront. Perfect!

Alas. Map search tells me Guntersville is 2 hours away, at best. I never drive as fast at the map folks do.

It didn’t make sense to drive 5 hours when a perfectly decent patch of ground was close by. Sigh. If anything takes me up that way, I will definitely do my daily mile on the lakefront trail.


“The Guntersville City Harbor is a popular destination for people that are traveling by water …” Alabama Travel: Guntersville City Harbor

City Harbor at Lake Guntersville

NRT Database: Sunset Drive Trail

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I hadn’t planned to do Baltimore again. I was lured into it. “October. Baltimore Running Festival. Signed up. Was offered $15 off of a $25 race, and special shiny red 20th anniversary medal.” Virtual 2021, Digital Fun For Foot And Pedal

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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