Faces in the Park, Fiction Sketches


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Intro. Repeat of previous exercise, this time in a park instead of a mall. [Faces In The Crowd]


I am a groundskeeper. It’s the perfect cover. If a detective suspects me, I turn to the partner and ask, “‘What is this a Scooby-Doo episode?” It creates enough doubt to give me time to destroy the evidence. Witnesses? No one ever sees the maintenance truck.


See the bald dude walking his dog? The dog is my contact. I have to get close enough to activate the transponder on the collar. Then I remotely download the recordings from the last 24 hours. The bald guy had no idea who his neighbors are or what kind of burn-after-reading information is being carried around by his kibble catcher.


MeetCute in the park. Him running counter-clockwise. Her running clockwise. Passing twice per lap, usually near the entrance and over by the swing set. A nod of acknowledgment. A smile. ‘Nice day for a run’ comment. Looking back and getting caught looking. Him looking at her face. Her checking out his butt. Being too embarrassed to catch his eye for several laps. Finding a Coffee Castle coupon on her windshield. On the back a number and a note, “Text me with a day and time if you want to meet for coffee.”


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