The Many Faces of Rodney Over Fences


Awareness of the outside world. The Guardian: Let her finish: interruptions of female justices led to new supreme court rules, Yang, 15 October 2021.

I need to keep centering the idea that point of lessons at the Hunter Barn is to jump at home. [Second Lesson]

One of the issues with jumping Rodney is that I never know which horse I will get.

The Gentleman

Horse: I think we should canter this.
Rider: Really?
Horse: Yeah. I’m good.

Cantered quietly in. Cantered quietly over. Cantered quietly away.

A Small Hop Forward September 2020

The Brat

RODNEY: Lemme at ’em. Lemme at ’em.

ME: … straightness … rhythm … pace …

RODNEY: Buttercup this!

An Abundance of Attitude October 2020

The Pogo Stick

Rodney got overwhelmed and LEAPED into the air.

Rodney’s Recent Jumps April 2021

He jumped 2′ 9″ sweet as you please.
Then he went sproing over a crossrail.

Free Jumping April 2021

The choices

One version. You could adapt. Make decisions on how to ride. Consider what the horse wants to do with his life.

Two versions. Depends which two. Gentleman/Brat? Both moving forward, would depend on the day. Gentleman/Pogo Stick? Sit chilly, see how much handholding is required.

The Brat/Pogo Stick polarity is hardest to deal with. Are you boiling over and need to be dialed back? Are you overwhelmed and need to be supported?

Three versions? Welcome to my world. The above duality with just enough glimpses of the underlying stellar horse that you keep hitting your head against the wall going.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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