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Awareness of the outside world . “The COVID-19 pandemic was associated with substantial reductions in encounters for respiratory diseases.” JHM: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Changes in …, Antoon et al. March 8, 2021. If masks protect from more than Covid, will you wear one? LGM: The Future of Masking, Loomis, April 11, 2021.

No new media. Prior photo for context. [Rodney’s Recap]

Jumping at liberty in the round pen. Allows one to sort out one’s reactions without alarming the rider.

When Rodney gets confused/overwhelmed/perturbed by a fence, he levitates straight up in the air while looking down at the jump. He makes an inverted u-shape with his head/neck/body and his jumping arc is tight, inverted u-shape as he goes up, across, and, down. [Recent Jumps]

It is startling to ride.

Let me be clear. I am thrilled that continuing forward is his response to adversity. I am hoping to reduce the number of occasions where he feels this extreme response is called for.

So, we went over to the round pen at SSF.

We gradually raised the jump, praising him extravagantly along the way.

Some jumps were good; some were less good. All well within the learning curve.

He jumped 2′ 9″ sweet as you please.

Then he went sproing over a crossrail.

Warm-down jumps. It’s a thing. Rodney lives in dread of the work getting too hard for him. So, once he is done jumping whatever counts as big for the day, we go back to easy exercises to ensure that we have reestablished calmness and confidence.

We have a plan. We will work the plan. We’ll see what Rodney thinks of the plan.

Jumped 2’6″.

Found his spots better than Rodney does.

Picture-perfect knees.

Classical bascule.

Who is this horse?

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. Milton is a top-class hunter who lives in boots!😊 And has a side earner gig as a spokesperson for Wolff…

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