My Non-Virtual Life, Weather Update

Riding Journal

Awareness of the outside world. Wildfires in the western US. Terrible floods in Europe and China. Extreme heat everywhere. If only we’d had warning.

tldr: Amount of rain up; amount of riding down.

Riding when the shrubbery is wet.

Rain. So much rain.

We’ve had gully washers.

This is a walk in a local park *after* the flood had subsided. This was NOT us. When we have big rain, it makes a mess and then goes away, draining down the hill, taking our driveway gravel with it.

We’ve had days of rain. Days and days and days. Even a light rain day means heavy cloud, which means no sun, which means no drying time. The sweltering Southern summer sun is usually at least good for this.

We’ve had thunderstorms.

My mother was worrying – as mothers do – about storms in my area. I reassured her that afternoon thunderstorms are a standard feature of summer.

That was a few weeks ago.

Standard summer storm pattern. Show up on radar. Blow in. Go boom. Blow out. Get on with your life.

Lately the storms have been unsettled. Unpredictable. Blowing up from nowhere and then disappearing. Wrecks havoc on outdoor planning.

Why all this weather talk?

We don’t have the footing for these conditions. We haven’t ridden in days. Not even a quiet walk around the field. Rodney hikes up his skirts, minces along, and spends the entire walk going Eww, Eww, Eww. After a while, the level of annoyance grinds me down. Usually by that time, the ground has started to dry out. Now, not so much.

He has a point. Footing is terrible. I don’t walk in it. [Little Walking]


I would have more sympathy for Mr. Princess Paws if I didn’t get to watch him canter downhill in the mud for breakfast. Canter. Downhill. In mud.


We could go somewhere with footing, but then you have the storm factor. Don’t want to get caught in the middle of an XC field during a thunderstorm.

I’m not whining. Okay, I’m whining a little. We had finally (finally, finally) gotten to the point where we could actually ride our horses. Now this.

The good news. Our temps have been ridiculously low for summer. It’s still hot & sweaty out, but not the incapacitating oven that summer around here usually is. [Summer Routine]

… and probably will be soon.

… and then I’ll complain about the heat and the hard ground.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. Our summer’s been like that too. Not much walking in either rain or blistering heat. If this is July, what will August be like?

  2. In addition to afternoon thunderboomers – which actually don’t leave a lot of rain right over us – we’ve had bad air quality from the haze that’s been blowing in from the western wildfires. And I’m in Maryland. Hot. Humid. Planning on hibernating during August.

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