Summer Routine


Awareness of the outside world. Huffington Post: Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong.” Hobbes. Counterpoint, USNews: Everything You Know About Obesity Is Not Wrong, Markey. All of this was back in 2018. Still a worthwhile discussion. I want to say both sides have good points, but we can’t use the term “both sides” anymore can we? Anyway. “Just as horrifying as the disease itself (scurvy), though, is that for most of those 300 years, medical experts knew how to prevent it and simply failed to.” Hobbes. “What messages prevail isn’t just about what doctors put out, it’s also about what consumers pick up.” Markey. Assist to friend who posted on FB.

Me. (Goes out to check footing for possible afternoon ride.)

Milton: I vote for bath!

Rodney: Yes. Bath.

Me. (Considers weather. While temps not as hot as they will be later, humidity says summertime. Considers horses sweaty from simply standing around.)

Me: You are not wrong.

(By bath, they mean rinse off with hose. One of their favs.)

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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