State of the Carpet Herd 2021

Images, Little Plastic Art

Awareness of the outside world. BreyerFest Artisan’s Gallery 2020. Sales pages, but it doesn’t cost anything to look.

Additions to the herd since BreyerFest last year. [Model Horse Archives]

Classics, i.e. what you think of when you think of a Breyer model. Only one (two) new, La Molina & Masella. Silver filigree mare with blue filigree foal.

Breyer, Products: La Molina & Masella, 2020 Winter Decorator Web Special

Model Horse Madness: Black Beauty and La Molina & Masella!, December 2020

La Molina, Identify Your Breyer: Andalusian Mare

Masella, Identify Your Breyer: Andalusian Foal

Freedom, i.e. the middle size that seems neither fish nor fowl to me. One that I won in a raffle and am hoping to rehome. Two model lines is enough for me to keep track of.

Stablemates, i.e. the little dudes. At first, I was only tracking the big horses. Therefore my Stablemates records are spotty. Valiantly resisting the urge to get lost in a data update. These are the ones I know are new within the year.

Stablemates Club

Atticus, bay

Breyer History Diva: Atticus, Cassidy, and the Box of Mysteries

Identify Your Breyer: Clydesdale Stallion

Hendrik, palomino

Breyer History Diva: The Latest in Stablemates

Identify Your Breyer: Standing Friesian

Tobias, Appaloosa

Model Horse Madness: Tobias is Here

Breyer History Diva: Getting Artsy

Identify Your Breyer: Appaloosa


Justify, who jumped into my cart when I ordered Atticus in February. Identify Your Breyer: Thoroughbred

Prince, arrived with strained leg, at vet for repair. Collector’s Club bonus for 2020. Identify Your Breyer: Fighting Stallion


Magnolia (purple), arrival date uncertain, came as part of Mystery Unicorn Foal Surprise in a random treat yoself purchase.

Silver Magnolia, my first MH$P purchase, end of 2020

Pearl, Triple Mountain, March

Identify your Breyer: Magnolia

Border colors from this year’s BreyerFest logo

Tempus Continues To Fugit
Real-life intrudes on the model horse world.

Breyer is saddened to hear of the passing of Janice Cox, a longtime model horse hobbyist best known for being the creator and webmaster of the reference site Identify Your Breyer.

Breyer – My Collector Story: Janice Cox

Spoke with her once by email. After citing IYB extensively for the 2020 post, I asked if she had a donation button. She said no. Quotes and credit were fine. [Carpet Herd 2020]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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