Home Team Update, Milton, January 2022


Awareness of the outside world. “In the county itself, a local Episcopal church in Athens announced it would be conducting a discussion of the book Feb. 3. The event will include discussion about the complicity of many churches in the systematic murder of Jews during the Holocaust, as well as modern-day antisemitism.” Jewish Telegraphic Agency: The great ‘Maus’ giveaway is on as bookstores, professors and churches counter Tennessee school board’s ban, Lapin, January 28, 2022.



On the theory of keeping up with the home team, even when they aren’t doing much. [The Difficulty of Writing the Mundane]

Husband has been riding Milton as weather and work schedule allow.

Milton finds me to be a distraction/uses me as an excuse if I’m in the ring. [When Milton Adores Me]

So, I sit by the barn and watch from a distance. Looks good from what I can see and he’s coming back with good reports.

I’ve taken to walking a second mile with Milton after Rodney and I go. [Pottering Around The Pasture]

Milton doesn’t need the mental work the way Rodney does. I figure the fitness work can’t hurt, either him or me. He toodles along behind, much the way Mathilda used to. [My Two Horses]

As I have said before, Milton is super chill, right up until he’s not.


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