The Difficulty of Writing the Mundane, State of the Blog

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Awareness of the outside world. Books. Rereading Hogfather. HO. HO. HO.

Have I been riding Rodney? Yes, I have. Just haven’t been posting about it.

The most recent riding post was the end of last month. [Rodney & Milton’s Excellent Instruction 24 Nov]

The most recent non-lesson riding post was at the beginning of last month. [Best Seat In The House 9 Nov]

Part of issue is structural. Weekend posts have completely left the barn. Saturday is words and fiction. Sunday is images and art. No horses at all, mostly. Fridays are for fitness, which is riding adjacent but contains no actual horse hair. [State of the Blog, Weekends NOT off]

That’s three days out of four when I don’t even try.

Wednesday posts are lessons at Hunter Barn, which is riding but not the home team. Mondays have been No Stirrup November stories.

Still, that left me two days a week for the latest on Rodney & Milton. What’s up with that?

Part of the issue is specificity. The signal gets lost in the noise. Riding is cumulative. When you work day after day on the same things, it is hard to pinpoint exactly when progress occurs. That is why shows and lessons and purchases make such easy posts. They are discrete events. I did this thing. I bought that thing.

Part of the issue is story. Riding is about feel, which is hard to put into words. I seem to do okay with horsekeeping posts. Those are analytic. The horses did this. We are feeding that. It is hard to describe right-brain events, especially for someone who is so very left brain to start with.

Finally, this is not a new thing. I wrote this post back in 2015 about the superabundance of saddle seat. ”Quiet progress is the order of the day … Exciting if one is the owner of the horse. Not the stuff of gripping narrative if one is the reader of the blog.” [Meanwhile Back at the Ranch. Or Not]

What does this mean to you?

Moving forward, I am going to work on having more home team, even if it means little bits of this and that. For example, I have two short photo posts planned for next week.

We’ll see where this leads.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. I’ve pondered the narrative of riding as well, but haven’t called it such, so I really appreciated reading another perspective on this (and some of the older links!)

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