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Continuing to explore Boolean graphic operations in Inskcape. Part 3, this time with logo practice in keeping with the monthly State of the Blog yesterday. [Part I, Part II]


I thought this was going to be a doddle.

Union. Okay. Merge, as expected. Result from bottom color.

Difference. ??? Where did the second and third letters go?

Intersection. ??? Everything disappeared.

Exclusion. Okay. Donut holes, as expected.

So … this is what happens with multiple shapes?

Hmm. Intersection. I guess there is no point were all three letters overlap, so a null set makes sense.

Hmm2. I still don’t understand the subtraction operation here. When the letters are on top, why does it only show one letter? When the letters – the smaller shapes – are underneath, why doesn’t everything disappear, the way it did last week?

The mystification continues.

Enough. Moving on. Returning to generating art next week.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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