For Reference, Graphic Boolean Operators II, Doughnut Holes and Other Weirdness


Awareness of the outside world. First day of Advent. Going Medieval: On Advent & Going Medieval: On the Medieval secret to a balling Christmas, for once. Preach. I used to do posts on the 12 Days of Christmas in their proper place after Christmas Day, but I eventually caved to social pressure and gave up the practice. + + +

Original operations, for comparison. [For Reference, Graphic Boolean Operators I, The Basics]

While I was fiddling with shapes, I found an operation that took me by surprise. If the smaller circle is on top of the larger circle, subtraction/difference looks like exclusion, i.e. a donut hole. If the smaller circle is under the larger circle … poof. Everything disappears.


In part one, I thought of subtraction as “Top takes a bite out of bottom & then disappears.” In this case, the ‘bite’ that the top shape takes is all encompassing, and then the top shape disappears. So, still makes sense. [ibid]

While I’m at it, more shapes.

Wait? What? Working backward, I can see how each operation got that shape. Predicting what was going to happen? Pffft.

Uncovering ever new gaps in my knowledge.

Update: Inkscape commands are Union, Difference, Intersection, Exclusion, as above. The Boolean Game uses Union, Subtract, Intersect, Difference, Not that the varied use of difference is confusing or anything.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. Speaking of gaps in my knowledge, I went down the rabbit hole of your Awareness links. 4 links later, I had to tear myself away. Modern writer, medieval world, chill combo! Thanks.

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