Generating Stories By The Luck Of The Throw


Since I don’t offer much content today, here is a book recommendation, one that made it out of the tsundoku pile. The Middle Ages: A Graphic History, written by Eleanor Janega, illustrated Neil Max Emmanuel (Icon 2021). Info from the author’s blog, Going Medieval: Sneak Peek: The Middle Ages, a Graphic History (out now!). [Additions] + +

Rory’s Story Cubes Classic from Homewood Toy & Hobby.

Reservation the first. This post would be improved if I could have accompanied these fiction prompts with fiction that they prompted.

Reservation the second. I can’t help but think that real fiction writers don’t need props.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

5 thoughts on “Generating Stories By The Luck Of The Throw

  1. Forget charades. Toss the dice. On the spot, give a story using items shown on at least 3-4 (or whatever, not too hard). Watch players totally zone out at the very thought.

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