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Awareness of the outside world. U-Haul Offers Help to Quebec Families Affected by Construction Delays during COVID-19, April 2020. Why does this offer specify July 1? “Moving Day (French: jour du déménagement) is a tradition, but not a legal requirement, in the province of Quebec, Canada, dating from the time when the province used to mandate fixed terms for leases of rental properties. It falls on July 1, which is also Canada Day.” Wikipedia: Moving Day (Quebec).

U-Haul Venture Across America and Canada SuperGraphics
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Press Release, SuperGraphic Unveiling Event Representing Quebec 2011.
Artist, Steve King Illustration & Design. Check out photo essay on the process U-Haul Graphics How They’re Made, and Where is SammyU hiding? Hidden Character in U-Haul graphics.

Pulls self out of Internet rabbit hole.

Parked outside Helena Hardware November 2020. I wanted something horsey today, so this one is from the reserve pile. Hence the blast from the past.

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