Rodney & Milton’s Excellent Instruction


Awareness of the outside world. Whatever activities you do with your body, better biomechanics will help. I highly recommend checking out a biomechanical expert in your field(s). American Society of Biomechanics, International Society of Biomechanics.

Stephanie Mosely lessons
Stables of Shiloh Farms
Camp Hill (Auburn) AL
November 13-14, 2021

Part 1 [Rodney & Milton’s Excellent Overnight Adventure]
Previous clinic [Rodney, Rider Position, and More Saddlebred Than I Was Expecting, Clinic Report, Stephanie Mosely, June 2021]

I would like to rant about my riding lessons.

Not the instructor. Mosely is awesome. I wish she lived closer so we could take regular lessons. I’d like to convince riding friends to take lessons. Once again, 10/10, would heartily recommend.

My issue is with my horse.

Once again, he was an utter star.

You’d think that would be a good thing, no? The problem is, it’s the only time he acts this way. It is as if Rodney hears Stephanie’s voice – he is definitely on a first name basis with her – and says, ‘I shall now be flawless.’

Walk? Trot? Canter? No problem, Improving the canter? Of course. Transitions? All you have to do is ask. With just enough attitude that I feel part of the team.

Really, it is how one imagines riding should go, but seldom does.

The week before was how riding usually goes. We went to Stepping Stone Farm. Spooky at the walk. Hesitant at the trot. Peak pretzel at both gaits. Forget the canter. Yes, I’m sure I ride differently when someone is watching. Not THAT differently. [Best Seat In The House]

My horse is messing with me.

For The Record

As before, this is my take. What I heard may or may not be what Mosely said.

* I was concerned that I hadn’t done much since the clinic. We’d have a spurt of progress and then it would rain for two weeks, or Rodney would get shod and retire to his fainting couch, or … or … you know, life. Anyway. One of the first things that Mosely pointed out was that I had retained the improvements from last time. So, no progress, but no backsliding.

* When you shorten the reins, the horse has to meet you part way. .Just moving hands forward leaves you with your arms sticking out.

* Keep your core. Bring your tum back. Push against a wall.

* Hands forward.

* Mentally, Rodney pulls me into his drama. Physically, he pulls me into being disorganized.

* Points made where much the same as last time, but up a notch.

* Milton responded well to rider improvements. He & Greg had some seriously stellar trotting. Milton liked the Fix The Rider approach.

Until he didn’t. Fortunately his new go-to move is refusing to budge. Different rider & magnesium seemed to have cut down on the hoppy-hops (crosses fingers). As someone with a vested interest in Milton’s rider, I can live with doorstop as a protest move. [Milton’s Meals]

From Mosely’s website, The Empowered Rider. “The ‘Ride With Your Mind’ approach streamlines rider concentration, body awareness, and core muscle strength to create incredible improvements in the rider’s seat and in the horse’s movement and responses.  Riders learn how to be proactive rather than reactive.” Home

“Stephanie is currently one of only 6 Instructors ranked Level 2 Mastery with the Ride With Your Mind/ Mary Wanless organization.” About

Mary Wanless, Ride With Your Mind.

And Finally
The lead photo was the view from our hotel room. We camped out in the trailer. Below freezing. This could be its own post. Short version. We still like being on the grounds. Once I went full turtle into my sleeping bag, I was reasonably warm. Will continue to camp. May upgrade the equipment next time.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

5 thoughts on “Rodney & Milton’s Excellent Instruction

  1. No backsliding is good. Sometimes, no matter what you’re doing, you progress to a certain point and then get stuck for a while before the AhHa! moment hits. It took me a while to master getting quilting stitches the same size – but that was on the front of the quilt. Then one day I could get the stitches even on both sides of the quilt. (Altho it’s been so long since I quilted it’ll probably take more practice to get back to where I was.) Don’t let frustration let you push yourself too hard. It sounds like you have a wonderful teacher. You’ll get there.

  2. wonderful teacher … yes. I wish we could take lesson more often than twice a year.

    away from home … could be, but he’s had lessons elsewhere before. Really the only variable changed is the teacher. It’s weird.

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