For The Love Of Variables


Awareness of the outside world. Free tests, Free masks coming to your local pharmacy, NPR: The Biden administration will give out 400 million free N95 masks. Treisman, January 19, 2022.

At our lesson, Moseley recommended putting Milton on GutX for hind gut ulcers. [Rodney & Milton’s Excellent Instruction]

We were dubious. The main ingredient seemed to indicate a joint supplement. Oh well, if you are going to work with someone, you need to give their advice a try.

Milton has been on it over a month. Has shifted to the maintenance dosage. His coat is smoother and he has lost his beer gut. Although not the change in attitude that he had with magnesium. [Milton’s Meals]

Try it on Rodney? Why not. He’s been on every other stomach-related fairy powder.

Rodney has been on it for over a week. Still on the introductory double dose.

Possibility. A mild tummy disturbance was causing him to be stressed. Making him feel better would give him a sunnier disposition about work. Result. No notable change in work, although he is quite chipper otherwise.

Possibility. Hind gut disturbance was affecting his nutritional uptake. Fixing this would improve his weight gain. Result. Definite increased padding on horse.

Is it the GutX?

Is it increased feed?

Is it more time to eat hay?

Is it increased alfalfa?

As an owl once said, “The world may never know.”


Photography note. The gray border is the label color from the manufacturer’s website. Bottle is shiny. Took photo into barn aisle for shade. This caused the phone camera to render the grey label with a blue tone. Weird.


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