Milton Takes Center Stage


Awareness of the outside world. At-home Covid tests ordered. Also virtual membership to Boskone.

Another upside to Rodney’s relaxed winter work schedule is a little more leeway.

Milton has shown a slight predisposition to working better when he’s alone in the ring. So, now, we are not madly trying to fit two separate riding sessions into the few moments of winter that aren’t cold, rainy, muddy, or all of the above.

Only have time for one horse? That’s probably just as well.

The other upside to the current management plan is Rodney’s weight gain. [Rodney Has A Moment]

To be clear, Rodney is not hearing voices just because of the extra food.

It’s the extra food … [Rodney’s Goldilocks Vacation]


… the cold weather. [My Horse Is A Mood Ring]

We could probably marshal enough concentration to get light work done with one factor. With both, eh well. Some days I ride. Some days I don’t. Some days I ride and get off halfway through.

Spring is coming.

Of course, the major downside to Rodney’s relaxed winter work schedule is living with me when I’m not riding.


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