Rodney’s Goldilocks Vacation

Riding, Or Not

Awareness of the outside world. In Canada, “The province is back in a modified lockdown … our gathering limit is five people indoors and ten outside, and restaurants, gyms and other businesses like that are closed again, and all others have capacity limits back in place, again.” Yarn Harlot: Second verse, same as the first, blog post, . I believe this is Ontario. Meanwhile, in Birmingham, “How can I best ensure my safety and that of others in the Alabama Theatre? … #2. Practice good respiratory etiquette by coughing and sneezing into your elbow.” Alabama Theatre: Plan Your Visit. Current as of January 8, 2022.

First, Rodney was too fat.

Then, Rodney was too thin.

Now, we are putting him up and feeding as much hay as he will eat.

Still not enough.

We have reluctantly raised his grain.

The calories and the cold weather are putting too much joie in his vivre. You expect much when the calories are bubbling out their ears. [My Horse Is A Mood Ring]

I drum my heels and wait for Rodney to be just right.


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