Rodney Has A Moment


Awareness of the outside world. Because nothing is simple these days. “Tonga is concerned about the risk of aid deliveries spreading Covid to the island which is free of the virus … (Tonga’s deputy head of mission in Australia, Curtis Tu’ihalangingie) urged the public to wait until a disaster relief fund was announced.” The Guardian: Australian minister says Tonga suffered ‘significant damage’ following volcano eruption, Reuters Mon 17 Jan 2022.



Rodney had his marbles roll off the table while he was at a standstill.

That’s new.

This was after walking two laps of the pasture in-hand to warm up, after walking under saddle, and after asking him to statue, which he’s good at when he’s composed.

He wasn’t composed.

Standing. Suddenly. Sproing!


It’s going to be a long winter. [Rodney’s Goldilocks Vacation]

On the upside, he is slowly putting on weight. Filling out over his ribs, not just putting fat pads on his shoulders. [Nah, I’m Good]


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