Taking A Hunter Break

Riding, Or Not, Again

Awareness of the outside world. Ancient Alabama, part nine. AL.com: Vast network of Alabama caves reveals hidden fossils, endangered ecosystem, Pillion, 7 Dec 2021.

Taking a break from Hunter Barn for a few months. Sit out the cold months and start again in the spring.

Riding my horse. It is too awkward to get Rodney over there for my midweek lesson slot. The plan (ha!) is to continue at Falcon Hill Farm. [Holiday Adventures, Rodney at FHF]

Riding their horses. School Horse & his barnmates are exactly what I was looking for in a lesson horse. If the rider has a moment, if the rider shrieks and grabs mane over a tiny crossrail, they just carry on.

And yet.

After seven lessons on three horses, the very thought of another lesson still makes my stomach hurt. Maybe this is something I should listen to? Maybe I’m simply tired of being stressed out?

For the winter, I’m not doing things that give me anxiety. We’ll see where that leads. I should say, not doing optional things that give me anxiety. The universe is all too capable of providing unavoidable sources of anxiety.

I realize this is exactly opposite to what I said a month ago, “If I didn’t do things I dread, I’d never do anything at all.” That’s why I’m limiting the time frame to winter. [Lack of Lessons Lately]

Perhaps Rodney and I will make so much progress, I will not need school horse lessons in the spring.

A dog can dream.


Note. I wrote this, including the “ha!” before Rodney announced that he too was taking a break. [Rodney’s Goldilocks Vacation].


6 thoughts on “Taking A Hunter Break

  1. It’s hard to not plan and just go with the flow but that’s the only way I’m getting through this winter.
    Maybe I’ll find I can actually do that!

  2. As I write this, it is 25 degrees out, yet their are errands that must be done. *sigh* Hope the rest of the winter isn’t as bad, or the shoulda ain’t getting done.

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