Holiday Adventures, Rodney at FHF


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Last Thursday, we took Rodney over to Falcon Hill Farm. Hunter Barn was unavailable over holidays. So, I figured I’d go over to FHF and trot around their lovely ring.

Might as well schedule a lesson. See what happens. Coach Molly had kinda gotten thrown out with Milton bathwater.

An excellent time was had by all.

Hunter Barn has a program that they put all their horses through. My lesson with Rodney stayed low and focused on accuracy. FHF lessons are more flexible. I had more input into our exercises. Christmas Tree trot poles? Sure. Canter pole? Not quite yet. Both approaches work. Just different.

Although I wasn’t ready to wrap my head around canter poles, we did canter in both directions, which we need to do more of. We also did one set of trot poles so often that Rodney started looking for them as we came around the corner, which is awesome.


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