Go, Go, Gadget


Awareness of the outside world. Track the telescope. NASA: Where is Webb?

As seen on EQUINE Ink: Gua Sha for your Horse.

I absolutely, totally believe that the best body work comes from a good pair of hands. Gadgets can make up the difference if you don’t have access to an equine massage therapist. (Or you are one, or at least have the training, and managed to work on the ASB lesson horses back when that was a thing, yet can’t seem to get your act together on a regular basis at home because the shoemaker’s kids go barefoot. But I digress.)

As much as Milton loved the Bemer Blanket, the massage was better. (I have not gotten back with the people on their preferred level of publicly. Hence vagueness. End second digression.) [Beaming with Bemer Blanket]

So, the best thing for me to do is get off my ass and work on my horses.

And yet.

I still fail prey to the lure of a shiny new object, In this case, literally a shiny object. The belief that this gadget, this ointment, this technique, will solve all my problems, will turn me into a brilliant body worker, will be the missing miracle step.

Ah well, it wasn’t expensive and perhaps it will help.


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