Holiday Adventures, Milton at SSF


Awareness of the outside world. The policy wonk in my household thinks the supply chain issues are partly due to people buying more stuff instead of spending the money on going out. It doesn’t take much of a shift to throw the system out of whack.

The next day, we trailered Milton over to Stepping Stone Farm. Husband Greg took a lesson. Got to be at the barn to take care of horses. Might as well teach a few lessons. [Holiday Adventures, Rodney at FHF]

It’s not my story. I never know what to say. Since I am capable (so very, very capable) of saying too much, I overcorrect by saying too little.

I’ll repeat my comment from last year. Still true.

“Since the Virtual Tevis, my husband has been riding Milton. They seem to get along. At least he (the husband) doesn’t look at him (the horse) and tear his hair (either husband or horse) out in frustration and despair. Unlike some people.”

[Miracle Boots, More Of The Story, Milton History]

Lesson Report

Milton (taking one look at Coach Courtney in the middle of the ring): Yes, Ma’am. Right away, Ma’am. No one here but us exceedingly well-behaved horses.

No media because I got all wrapped up in watching and forgot.

“The next day”, as in Friday, as in December 24. Dunno which is weirder. Spending Christmas Eve at the barn, or spending Christmas Eve at the barn and not thinking it’s weird.


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