Pottering Around The Pasture, State Of The Fitness, December

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. Took a news blackout yesterday. My outrage meter is already pegged in the red zone. A day of hand-wringing and justification and other people’s outrage would increase neither peace nor progress. Blackout didn’t help. Turns out that sheltering yourself leaves you very conscious that there is something you are sheltering FROM.

Milton: I helping.

After all the perseverating last month on where to walk and what distance to walk, the problem was solved for me. I have been taking Rodney with me on walks, the way I used to do with Mathilda. That means the pasture, mud or not.[My Two Horses]

The idea is to a) increase his fitness & b) getting him used to walking around his own pasture as a relaxing activity. Why that is so hard for him, I have no idea.

We go for three laps, or one mile. When I take Milton out also that’s two miles. I tried both together. It did not go well. Milton has separation issues.

I’m walking carefully on muddy days. Knees holding up so far.

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Pasture, mostly walked here

Local park, twice, after a truly astounding amount of rain

Stepping Stone Farm, once [October Walks, same path]

Home Depot parking lot, new, once (Sunday morning, I was careful about traffic). Update [If You Build It, They Will Shop, Walk Report, Home Depot]

Homewood Shades Creek Greenway, new [Impromptu 5K, Walk Report, Charlie Brown Christmas]

Data Dump

Walking. 22 days out of 31. Daily miles to virtual Fuji, which I finally finished! Extra half mile to virtual Mississippi walk. 5K to Charlie Brown Christmas, above. [Walking Virtually Mount Fuji, Virtual Mississippi River Part One]

Dance. 3 classes in three week. Didn’t miss one. Small victory. The Dance Foundation

None. 7 days. Three of them when I had a riding lesson, which knocks me out for the day. Four days of nada, mainly weather related, i.e. dark, rain, deep mud. Been pretty good about at least staggering out to the pasture for a walk.

Biking, stretching, cardio, weights, etc. In future, I will no longer list what I’m not doing. Believe me, if I manage to do any of these things, I will definitely count them.

Total. 32 “days” because I took Rodney for a pasture walk on a dance day.

As I said about No Stirrup November, I’d like to be doing more. At least I did this. [Lessons from No Stirrup November]


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  1. I log miles and also miles run. The rain has been steady and heavy forever and ever. My toes and fingers go numb each time we walked this month. Yesterday there was not the slightest break so I stayed indoors and began putting on a warp.

  2. “At least…”. Ha! You’re doing fine. I wish I had the stick-to-it-ness that you have!

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