Where Did They Go? Pet Update

Dogs and cats living together … MASS HYSTERIA!

Awareness of the outside world. Epiphany used to be one of my favorite holidays. It’s hard to celebrate wise men today. [Feast]

Where did all my pets go?

Two blog readers who know me IRL mention that the cats have disappeared from the blog.

We are still doing the dog & cat thing. I’m not posting about it.

In a short space of time, we had a series of incidents. Some were good. Some were horrible. A few were definitely lateral moves.

I couldn’t even.

I decided to concentrate on the horses. I pulled pets off the About page and stopped talking about them on the blog. I may get back to them at some point.

Still waiting for a few things to shake out. Lady cats – yes, plural – still need to visit the vet and we still have territorial disputes to solve. Of course, the pandemic has slowed everything down. Fear not, the females are well guarded and the males are fixed.

Sorry for vague posting. Put it this way, I still have jitters from driving to the vet, holding a cat in my lap. The cat is wrapped tightly in a towel to keep her from being further injured by sliding around in a carrier. I am chanting “Drive slow. Be careful’ while crying.

And that one had a happy ending.


5 thoughts on “Where Did They Go? Pet Update

  1. “Dogs and cats living together … MASS HYSTERIA!” is a favorite line!

    [We have had our last pet, after decades of mostly having six. Yeti died on the couch. Uninjured, it was not a “peaceful passing” that we might all hope for. We cannot do the death of a pet again.] Wishing you (and cats) well.

  2. The death of a pet can be as hard – if not harder – than the death of a human, even one close to you. Cindy and Priney, well, it was their time, and it was peaceful. And I mourned. Chief and Toby, on the other hand, it shouldn’t have been their time, it was not peaceful, and my heart is still ripped to pieces. I dont know what I’m going to do when Eowyn goes.

  3. Sounds like a difficult time. Sometimes times like those make me wonder why…and/or just say ‘dogs’ with a particular tone. We know why, it’s just super hard at times. Hugs.

  4. There was death, which is sad. There was also piddle, so much piddle, which is annoying. As far as the blog was concerned, it was more a matter of overwhelm and not knowing where to start. So I didn’t.

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