Feast of the Epiphany

Epiphany is one of my favorite religious holidays. Not a surprise, as it involves the Wise Men and revelation. I’m all about smart folks and more data.

An epiphany is the sudden understanding of something that was opaque. It’s not simply new information. It is about clarity where there was confusion. An epiphany cannot be taught nor delivered by another person. One must stumble upon them. This phenomenon is not unknown in the riding world.

First Instructor: Shorten your reins.
Second Instructor: Shorten your reins.
Third Instructor: Shorten your reins.
Rider: Hey! Wait a minute. This works so much better if I shorten my reins.

Wishing you a year of epiphanies, in riding & in life.

4 thoughts on “Feast of the Epiphany

  1. thank you for the information, i always wondered about it. i once had a riding teacher who kept saying the same thing and my epiphany was discovering that the corner worked much better when i ignored him, LOL. that was my last lesson with that teacher. (no one you or kathie know.)

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