Presents All Around

WP webclipAt the end of the year, I upgraded the blog.

My gift to me: my own domain name, The term “wordpress” has been removed from the the title. Mostly an egoboo, but if I make cards, or signs, or whatever, it will look slightly more professional. There should be no change to any links or addresses you have. Rerouting is part of the service.

The upgrade bundle also came with more space, the ability to load videos directly rather than via YouTube, and the chance to customize my theme. I may fiddle with the latter. Not sure the other two functionalities speak to me. If I don’t use all the bells & whistles, I may switch to a la carte upgrades next year. Will keep you posted.

My gift to you: no ads.


6 thoughts on “Presents All Around

    1. Poked around a bit trying to answer this. Googling gives me, “Start a WordPress blog or create a free website in seconds….” in the capsule description of the site, but then does not have that text when I click over.

      Anyone out there more informed?

    2. I’ve been going forth & back on getting a website, understanding domain names, finding a hoster, for years. Never really got a handle on it. Part of the reason for the bundle was to jump in and do *something* in that direction.

      1. Thanks I”ll see how it works out for you> my computer is having one of its punctuation?(SLAsh)capitalization fits> they fix themselves which IS GOOD because it never happens when the computer guy is HERE<

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