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While my brilliant handyman arranged for repair supplies. I had time to do my daily mile around the Home Depot parking lot. [Pottering Around The Pasture, State Of The Fitness, December]

Sunday morning, so traffic was light. As with the airport, I was aware that no one would be expecting a pedestrian. I stuck to the edge of the lot and practiced defensive walking. [Flying Low, Walk Report, DragonCon Virtual 5K]

Due to the size of the lot, two laps was sufficient. Then, at the end, several times around the truck to hit the magic number.

Although I’ve been to the building many times over the years, I never looked around, as one doesn’t. During the walk, I was struck by the land manipulation.

In one corner, a hill had been truncated.

In another corner, the corresponding valley had been filled in.

If the land is not sufficiently flat, it must be made so. Kind of amazing when you see it at foot level.


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  1. I wish the people who built the shopping center where I go for groceries and bank had flattened out the land a bit more. The slope on parts of the parking lot is ridiculous.

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