Walking With Ukraine

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. I aim to walk a mile a day. This should take me 36 days plus/minus. I wonder where we will all be in a month.

36mi (58km)
Digital finisher certificate. No medal.

I’ve started a new virtual walk. [Walking Virtually, Kyiv]

I know I said no more. [Walking Virtual Angkor Wat]

This one is short and topical.

The start. Weird to “see” places that damn sure aren’t the happy peaceful places that they are in the photos. I’ve already learned about the band of civic green spaces that lie along the Dnieper River.


My walking doesn’t help anyone. True. I can only hope my entry/donation goes somewhere useful. I like that they have – or claim to have – Romanian connections. They will have more information on what needs to be done.

There are many other horrors in the world that have not captured our collective attention. True. I take this to mean we should pay attention to those as well, not pay less attention to this one.


From website, VIRTUAL CHALLENGE FUNDRAISER, Stand with Ukraine.

“A big part of our international team is based in Romania, which borders Ukraine and where there has been a huge mobilisation.

“We’ll give 100% of proceeds (less bank transfer/platform fees) to charities that deliver much needed aid and provide immediate resources.

“We direct all proceeds received to organizations such as International Red Cross, Save the Children Ukraine.”


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