Hooves, Milton at SSF


Awareness of the outside world. TOMORROW. Livestream musical rides to benefit breast cancer research. Challenge of the Americas – Musical dressage Grand Prix. I know nothing beyond what is written here. Will be tuning in with fingers crossed.


Schooling/lesson for Milton & Husband Greg at Stepping Stone Farm.

Original plan was for Milton to watch the lesson from center ring. Hence the standing around pic. Milton handled the confusion so well that he ended up doing a majority of a walk-trot lesson with six other horses in the ring. He walked. He trotted. He did not have post-parade flashbacks. He got passed without getting upset.

Gold star for Milton!

Gold star for Rodney for staying home! [Rodney’s Semi-Permanent Gold Star]

Also gold stars for the six beginners in the class who had an spontaneous lesson in traffic management as their school horses lapped the race horse.

Sadly, Milton only got a silver start the next day when Rodney went to FHF. Milton was suspiciously damp from hanging out alone in the stall for a few hours. Maybe we need to put up the fans. Maybe he ran around a bit. Time will tell. [Ears].


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