Strolling With Milton


Awareness of the outside world. The True Size Of … A fraught topic. Big Think: You can now drag and drop whole countries to compare their size.


Milton & Me. (Stunt photo from last weekend. Too rainy to get pasture foot photo. [Milton at SSF])

Have added Milton to the daily hand-walk rotation. He gets exercise. I get exercise. Everybody gets exercise. He has enough creaks and groans from the track that 20 (I can dream, more like 30) minutes of long, slow walking is good for his joints.

Horses are on their feet 24/7, minus a small amount of nap time. You’d think they wouldn’t need to walk. However, their walking is not continuous. They walk from here to the next bite of grass and then stop. Hand-walking did Mathilda a world of good in her retirement. [My Two Horses]

There has been the suggestion that Milton & I might use the time to bond. Color me dubious.


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