My Horse Needs Tougher Tires


Awareness of the outside world. Because the world wasn’t done messing with us. Case numbers going back up. “Throughout the pandemic, the U.S. has lagged Europe trends by a few weeks.” YLE: State of Affairs: March 14 (Europe, Asia, U.S., and Deltacron).


Last week. Clean hoof. Put on first stroke of hoof goo. Horse freaks out. Backs up. Runs out of barn. Go fetch. Horse trots off lame.


Turns out Rodney had an abscess in his frog. Do you get cracks on the your fingertips when it gets cold? I get them all the time. Right on the corner of the nail. Hurts mildly, except when I hit it just so. Then, yow!!!!!

That must have been what I had done. Touched the frog just wrong. It stung. In a few more steps, he probably would have trotted out of it. It was a typical 0.5/5 lameness that Rodney is so good at accumulating.

1 – inconsistent, can cannot be reliably replicated
2 – consistent under certain conditions
3 – lame at trot
4 – lame at walk
5 – non-weight bearing

Rodney excels at sub-1 lamenesses that get him out of work with as little inconvenience to himself as possible.

Mild as it was, something was wrong. The minions needed to fix it.

Fortunately, we have a surgeon on staff. One who is bold enough to cut what needs to be cut, yet wise enough to know when to stop.

Opened abscess. Packed area with hoof cushion. Tiny. Healed in a few days.

Sigh. This horse makes tissue paper and gold leaf look sturdy.


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