Rodney Returns To The Ring


Awareness of the outside world. Taking the NYT to task again. NYT: The Grimmest Dilemma, The Biden administration is facing an old Cold War dilemma: Be weak or risk a world war, Leonhardt, March 21, 2022. We are not five-year olds on a playground. There is a middle ground between cravenly wetting oneself and maniacal chest thumping. It’s called diplomacy. People make careers out of it. While the article was more nuanced than the headline implies, I worry about the cumulative damage done by alarmist headlines. [Previous NYT Milton Manages Most of A Lesson]

Two days later. An article with a pearl clutching headline about a !Crime Wave! goes on to say, ” … still far below the levels of the 1970s, ’80s and early ’90s … ” NYT: Good Morning: A violent weekend highlights America’s continuing crime wave, Leonhardt, March 23. Emphasis mine.

Rodney at Falcon Hill Farm. Note shorter mane. [Time]

He’s getting to be an old hand at ears photos.

Between weather & feet haven’t done much since last FHF. [Tires, Ears]

Jumping Diary

Walked tiny, tiny crossrail and vertical.

Trotted double ground poles.

As we approached the double groundpoles for the first time, Rodney spent half a stride thinking about jumping the whole mess. Decided not to. Hopped the first. Trotted out. Less hop the next time through. Third time, trotted like a 17-hand metronome. Good boy.

I kept eyeing the tiny, tiny vertical. It would be such a simple little jump to trot over. One tiny little hop. However, if he was still considering leaping into the air over groundpoles, best not ask for actual elevation. [Rodney’s Recent Jumps, Free Jumping]

There was enthusiasm being around that many jump standards, which is great. Still too much bravado. Confidence needs a sound base. [The Many Faces of Rodney Over Fences]


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  1. I’ve stopped reading newspapers – although if I could get just the comics section of the Post (Washington Post), that might be nice. Of course I have no idea if I’d even like the current comics.
    Did you ever notice that Charles Schulz’s last Peanuts strip – a Sunday panel – appeared the same day he passed away? It was like all the characters saying good bye, was him saying good bye.

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