Moseying Around The Pasture In The Moonlight, Walk Report, Polar Night Virtual 5K 2022

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. “Our aim help spread awareness of sports for everyone, regardless of physical shape, age and personal goals. In addition to organizing sports- and cultural events, our purpose is to contribute and provide financial support to sporting and humanitarian matters, as well as promoting Tromsø and our region as an attractive The purpose of our events.

The pasture by moonlight.

Virtual PolarNight Marathon
Sats Mørketidstrim (5k)
Official Location- Tromoso, Norway
IRL Location – pasture
January 19, 2021
Time – 1:25:02
Placing overall – 31, last
Placing gender – 22, also last. Would have to be.
Placing age – 1, solo. They prematurely bumped me up to 60-64 category. Would have been 10 out of 11 in Kvinner 55-59 år.

The Walk

As with last year, I wanted to do a walk in the spirit of an arctic night.

Yup. I did a 5K by moonlight.

No GPS because light. No flashlight. Although, my eyes never got completely dark adapted because I kept taking pictures. SA: Why does it take so long for our vision to adjust to a darkened theater after we come in from bright sunlight?, 2007.

Time includes a trip back to the house. There are some things ya just don’t want to do in a stall.

Horses. What is the crazy lady doing now? Oh well. Later. Nap time. Both lying down at the same time. So much for setting guard.

[Pottering Around the Pasture In The Dimness, Polar Night Virtual 5K] 2021

The Walk That Almost Wasn’t

Too cold. Too dark. Waaaaay past my bedtime. No. Woke up in the middle of the night. Still no. Gonna stay in bed, thank you very much. Unfortunately/fortunately digestive system did not agree. Had get up to visit the smallest room. Hmm. Moon still up. Doesn’t look that bad. I’ll start and see how far it get. Glad I did.


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